Our History

MILTON, 1824

Our church has ministered to the community for well over 200 years, from the early 1800s when Methodist services were conducted in private homes and barns to today.

The first church in Milton was built in 1824 as a Union Church on the site of our historic sanctuary. In 1874 this building was torn down and a new one constructed by the Methodists and Presbyterians. However, the Baptists continued to claim ownership.

In 1882, the Methodists finally built their own building on Milton Road, just past the intersection with Schoolhouse Road. The church was destroyed by fire in 1890, and was rebuilt using insurance money and many donations. The Baptists continued to worship in the present historic sanctuary until 1907. In 1920, the Methodist congregation regained title to the present historic sanctuary and sold their other building.

Thomas K. Norman donated the land for the cemetery in 1895. The original parsonage was built on Schoolhouse Road in 1946 on land donated by Joseph Headley. The Fellowship Hall was added to the historic sanctuary in 1956.

The land on which our new building is built was purchased with funds from the Terhune bequest; upon which a hotel and ice cream parlor owned by the late Robert Headley stood. The building was also a temporary location for public school classes.

Ground was broken for our new building in 2003. The education wing and Headley Hall was completed in 2007, at which time we moved worship services out of the historic sanctuary to Headley Hall. The Sanctuary was completed in 2008 and consecrated in September 2008.

Throughout the history of our congregation, God’s grace and direction kept the loyal followers together whether they had a building to worship in or not. The Methodists ultimately grew in service to God and the community.