Adult Bible Study


The  MUMC Adult Bible Study  group meets every Sunday morning from 9:00 to 9:45 AM in the Library at the Church. Our conversation is always compelling; inspired and uplifting and all adults 18 years and older are welcome and invited to attend. Our discussions are informed by a balanced framework for theological reflection as we gather each week. We are guided by the scripture itself; the traditions of the Church, our own reason and experience and of course, God's presence.

Bible study starts with a prayer followed by group reading from the book of the Bible currently being studied. Open group discussion rounds out our time together.


We have embarked on an 11-week exploration of the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah the Prophet's words can inspire us with their beautiful cadences and lofty heights of imagery, and challenge us with their insightful rebukes and portents of judgment. It's an enriching book! Perhaps most important of all, Isaiah gives us a much deeper understanding of Jesus the Messiah, who fulfills these prophecies given 700 years before his birth. For this reason Isaiah is sometimes called the "Fifth Gospel."

Isaiah is challenging and enriching, but also long and complex. Therefore, this study is designed to be a guide to studying Isaiah's prophecies, not a verse-by-verse commentary. We'll move quickly over passages less relevant to our day, but focus in some detail on passages that teach about the Messiah and God's universal truths that speak to us across the ages.

This volume covers Isaiah in approximately eleven lessons. Thought-provoking questions will stimulate many profound discussions and the lessons will inspire and challenge us to grow as Disciples of Christ. Isaiah is demanding at a number of levels, but wonderfully enriching to the soul.

For each new book studied, an historical and authorship background is provided, allowing a more complete understanding of what the words meant to the audience at the time they were written. Our conversation is then able to focus meaningfully on how the scripture is relevant to our lives today.

Join us Sunday mornings before worship and grow your faith!